Sacred Well Being is founded on the beliefs that our bodies are shutterstock_16680493sacred and that well-being lives intuitively within each of us. Our well-being can seem lost or non-existent when we live in a hectic, demanding, or unconscious state. Taking time to slow down, care for ourselves, and reconnect with the “well being” within is essential in order to live life to the fullest, to live in integrity.

Using a variety of integrative touch therapies, soul centered coaching, and essential oils, Sacred Well Being supports your capacity to re-awaken the intuition inside of you. Re-awaken the part of you that may have become numbed or lost over time, yet still speaks to you, longing for health and wellness. When you re-source and re-balance your body, the energies that give you health are refreshed and released. Your Sacred Well Being is once again in a state of integrity. Health is restored.

Life is a sacred journey. Learn to listen to your body’s intuition and empower yourself to create choices to enhance your well-being. Contact us now for an appointment that can change your life.

Sacred Well Being’s holistic services complement mainstream medical care. The services are complementary to, not  a substitute for, your traditional physical or mental medical care.

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Ann McLaughlin, formerly Ann Montague, serving Central Ohio: Worthington, Westerville, Clintonville, Dublin, and Columbus, Ohio


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