Reflexology is an ancient healing art. By systematically applying deep pressure to specific areas of the foot, the whole body can shutterstock_5114464be accessed for healing.

Most clients report feeling extremely relaxed after their session and sleep well. Relaxation and sleep are key components in managing stress and enhancing well being.

For most sessions, you will be sitting in a chair with your feet elevated or lying on a massage table, depending on your comfort needs.

Reflexology can also be done on the hands and ears.

Reflexology is incorporated into just about every session Ann does.

November 12, 2012: The Detroit Free Press reports on a new study of reflexology led by Gwen Wyatt, a Michigan State University researcher in the College of Nursing.
In this study of 385 women with advanced-stage breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy or hormonal therapy, those receiving reflexology from an certified reflexologist experienced “significantly less shortness of breath and were able to more easily perform such tasks as climbing stairs, getting dressed and going grocery shopping, according to the MSU report.”


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