“It was great meeting you and being able to benefit from a session which indeed I did! I have noticed a very good improvement in my walking and moving shutterstock_43082407around today and have already done one of the exercises you suggested. I look forward to getting a 3 session package from you …. I find you to be very fun, calming, compassionate, and skillful!”

JA, Columbus, OH

“Thank you for your lovely and gentle treatment….The major palpable effect for me was a sense of calm and peace in combination with being awake and alert. Of course I was also enjoying the fragrance from the oils following me around!”

BB Columbus, OH

“Can I clone you and take you back to Falls Church?”

AM, Falls Church, VA

“I had the most interesting experience with my back after seeing you. The only way I can explain it is that it felt balanced, both sides more in harmony than what I can remember feeling. Usually my back is out of whack on one side or the other. It was pleasantly unusual to feel both sides working together rather than in opposition. Thank you for that experience. I will be back to see you.”

LH, Millersport, OH

“I began feeling so supported and loved and nurtured. I woke up this morning feeling so wonderful- still feeling such support on the sides of my physical body. It was amazing as I showered this morning- that I could still feel that feeling. As I walked into work, I was in awe for feeling “as I’ve never felt before”- so supported and “at home” for so long (12 hours) in my physical body. I was in a state of bliss and gratitude as I began my day. It was a peace and harmony that I couldn’t remember feeling before, which is why I was so grateful.”

NC, Columbus, OH

“Thank you sooooo much for putting the (Reiki I) class together!!!!!!!!!!
I really think Reiki is going to help me in my own personal healing and spiritual advancement as well as my family and friends (and hopefully my future clients).

I have already felt a change in my attitude and overall mental state.

Your class was fun, exciting and (most importantly to me) very comfortable & relaxed.  You can definitely count me in for the Level II whenever we can set it up.

THANK YOU again!”

CM, Columbus, OH

“I was so fatigued when we got to your house Sunday, but I felt SO energized the rest of the day! I played with the kids all evening shutterstock_78204928and had a blast, mostly because I had the energy to have fun and crawl around and tickle them. ha!
We both slept like rocks that night. Deeply. Like rocks at the bottom of the sea.
Thank you!”

TT, Pataskala, OH

“I was very relaxed when I left your house.  I had one of the best nights sleep that night!!!!!!  Thank you again!!!!!!!”

LP, Blacklick, OH

“First of all, I didn’t know what “polarity”  meant, not in terms of my body….

I should have had no concern for at our first “Hello,” you put me entirely at ease with your friendly, welcoming presence.  Your  professional demeanor as you explained what we would be doing together went a long way to my feeling I was in good hands….   I had no apprehension as you stood over me and began the session.  After what seemed like no more than five minutes, I felt the beginning of little electrical charges running up and down my legs.  (I think this was in direct response to you touching my feet and rubbing them at certain places.) This tingling grew and continued to move throughout my body.  This lasted for quite awhile.  I was  surprised by the fact that electrical energy was coursing through my body.  It was exciting and invigorating.

As the session progressed, wherever you placed your hands  (shoulder, knee, head), I experienced heat  at those specific places. The warmth generated by that touch felt good and I had the sensation that I was being cared for or healed in some way.  It was a very comforting experience.When the session was over, I remember feeling characteristically different or changed in some way.  I was calm, peaceful and, at the same time, enlivened.  Yes, that’s it.  I felt alive!.. It was a totally positive experience and I benefited from it enormously.”

RG, Columbus, OH

To my clients:


Ann McLaughlin, formerly Ann Montague, serving Central Ohio: Worthington, Westerville, Clintonville, Dublin, and Columbus, Ohio


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